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Augmented Reality Spine Surgery: The Future is Here

AR navigation puts spine surgery back where it belongs: in your hands, and in your eyes.

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Your skills, Your workflow, Your sight, augmented.

X-ray vision doesn’t change how you perform surgery. It’s an extension of what you do best.

We’re here to augment your:

  • Accuracy: Clinically proven for peace of mind.
  • Safety: X-ray vision without the actual x-ray.
  • Efficiency: We fit into and accelerate your workflow.

Learn More About How AR Navigation Works

surgeons operating on a spine using xvision

“Augmented reality has changed the way I practice spine surgery.

I’ve seen exceptionally good results with it. I think it makes me a more accurate, more efficient surgeon. And I think that ultimately leads to shorter surgical times and better results for our patients.”

Frank M. Phillips, MD
Ronald DeWald Endowed Professor of Spinal Deformities, Rush University Medical Center

Simplify Your Surgery

Your eyes on the patient. Not on a screen.

Legacy navigation forces you to look away from your patient while operating. That’s not how you trained. That’s not how you perfected your craft.

Augmented reality combines the benefits of navigation with the ease and utility of open surgery. You can look directly at the patient and visualize their anatomy in 3D.

No looking away to a distant screen. No line of sight interruptions.

AR augments what’s most important: your hands, your eyes, and your talent.

two surgeons operate on spine using augmented reality
the XVision headset for surgeons

Meet xvision

We’re on a mission to eliminate barriers to navigation adoption. xvision is easy to use, and integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

  • Eliminates attention shift
  • Open platform
  • No line-of-sight challenges
  • Intuitive 3D user interface
  • Short learning curve

See How xvision Works for You

You’re Busy. We’ll Bring the Demo to You.

How simple is it to integrate the Augmedics xvision into your practice? So easy we can bring it in whenever you want.

Simple to set up. Simple to operate. Put simply, a better way to improve outcomes.

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Surgeon working with AR screen

Procedural Applications of AR

Augmedics is broadly applicable across a wide range of procedures. xvision is FDA approved for open or percutaneous posterior spine procedures for C3 to pelvis.

Open, MIS, or Percutaneous

Cervical (C3-C7), Thoracic, Lumbar, or Pelvis

Single- or multi-level

Degen, Trauma, Revision, Complex/Deformity

John Shin performs surgery with AR goggles.

“I can optimize my efficiency and accuracy in surgery.

Augmented reality brings a number of data points into our surgical field, so I can optimize my efficiency and accuracy in surgery. As surgeons, we are constantly processing and interpreting numerous data points… AR helps bring that data into my visual field to implement the plan that I am trying to execute.”

John H. Shin, MD
Chief of Spine Neurosurgery, Massachusetts General Hospital

Surgical Navigation Without Compromise

Accuracy or efficiency? Speed or safety? Less radiation or lower cost?

Other enabling technologies force you to make tradeoffs. And that compromises your work.

We believe all surgeons and patients deserve access to the proven benefits of surgical navigation without compromise.

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Economically Scalable

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Peer-Reviewed. Proven. Potential Realized.

Dive into the data on augmented reality surgical navigation.

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A view through an augmented reality headset used in spine surgery

Explore published studies

xvision has consistently demonstrated 97-100% accuracy of pedicle screw placement across multiple patient studies.

A surgeon wears an augmented reality headset to perform spine surgery

A game changer for MIS

Rush University’s Dr. Frank Phillips on how augmented reality navigation is changing the game for minimally invasive spine surgeons.

A surgeon wears an AR headset to perform spine surgery

The forefront of surgical innovation

UC Davis’ vice chair for surgical innovation, Dr. Safdar Khan, on how AR is taking spine surgery to the next level.

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