Meet xvision

X-Ray Vision for Spine Surgery

Real-time precision, accuracy, & confidence, all while keeping your eyes directly on the patient.

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“This has absolutely changed my practice.

It’s made a huge difference. As facile as I was doing it freehand, there’s so much more confidence that comes about when you can say with almost 100% certainty where a screw is placed. The fact that it adds value in time savings and accuracy – that’s tremendous.”

Andrew A. Sama, MD
Co-Chief of Spine, Hospital for Special Surgery

the XVision headset for surgeons

Meet xvision

The first and market-leading AR navigation system for surgery.

  • Advanced intraoperative visualization
  • Clinically proven accuracy
  • Streamlined workflow efficiency

The 1st AR Navigation System Approved for Surgery

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A Spine Surgery Game Changer

Augmedics’ xvision Spine System® allows surgeons to see patients’ anatomy as if they have “x-ray vision” and accurately navigate instruments and implants during spine procedures. 

The first-of-its-kind, FDA-cleared xvision has been used to treat over 6,500 patients and implant more than 35,000 pedicle screws across 24 US states. xvision has consistently demonstrated 97-100% accuracy of pedicle screw placement across multiple patient studies.

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two surgeons using xvision ar in the operating room

xvision highlights

Augmedics combines the benefits of navigation with the ease and utility of open surgery.

Advanced visualization while looking directly at the patient

Using augmented reality, Augmedics enables visualization of 3D anatomy and navigation data while looking directly at the patient, eliminating attention shift and line-of-sight interruptions. The advanced intraoperative visualization facilitates MIS approaches, real-time construct planning, screw alignment, and more.

Accuracy and precision

Augmedics’ clinically proven accuracy and precision provide peace of mind during pedicle screw placement, making navigation of patient-specific anatomy safe, simple, and reproducible.

Workflow efficiency

By connecting your hands, eyes, and instruments directly to the patient, Augmedics drives enhanced workflow efficiencies, with the ability to reduce pedicle screw placement and overall operating time.

Radiation reduction

Augmedics can reduce radiation exposure relative to fluoroscopic guidance, increasing workplace safety for you and your OR team.

Short learning curve

Augmedics’ instinctive, video game-like interface facilitates seamless integration into the surgical workflow and broad utilization across a wide range of procedures.

Open platform

Augmedics’ agnostic, open platform allows you to use the instruments, implants, and imaging of your choice.

Small footprint, portable

Augmedics’ headset-based system keeps valuable OR real estate free and is easily stored when not in use.

Low capital cost and scalable

Augmedics’ attractive acquisition cost and scalability allow your program to grow alongside your practice and help make the proven benefits of navigation accessible for all.

Purpose-built for surgery

Augmedics’ proprietary AR headset is ergonomically designed and outfitted with best-in-class technical and optical specs to optimize the surgical experience. You can trust next generation platform developments are designed with surgeons, not consumers, in mind.

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MIS Spotlight

Augmented Reality Navigation: A Game-Changer for MIS

Drs. Frank Phillips, Rick Price, and A.J. Rush discuss how AR navigation is changing the game for minimally invasive spine surgeons.

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6,500+ Lives Impacted
and Counting…

We’re proud to partner with surgeons across the country to deliver groundbreaking care to their patients. 

Kay’s Story

Baltimore, Maryland

“I was actually very happy that they had it.”

Dr. Timothy Witham performed the first AR spine surgery and helped Kay get back to her day-to-day life pain-free.

Mark’s Story

Alexandria, Virginia

“My new goal is to be able to run 3 miles again!”

Inova Health’s Dr. Andrew Fanous helped Mark recover from a serious spinal injury and instill new hope for the future.

Bill’s Story

Farmington, Connecticut

“I’m back to my regular exercise routine.”

UConn Health’s Dr. Isaac Moss helped get Bill back to the gym with minimal pain and downtime.

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